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With nearly $900 billion spent on outdoor recreation each year in the United States, outdoor recreation has become one of our economy's largest sectors. In fact, according to the 2015 Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report, 48% of Americans participated in at least one outdoor activity last year. That means that over 140 million Americans are enjoying the outdoors, and a significant percentage of these consumers are engaged in water sports.

If you own a water sports or related retail business, you understand the importance of company branding, the quality of the products offered, and the overall store design in order to attract consumers.

Strong brand recognition and clever advertising can capture the attention of consumers. A variety of reputable, high quality products with different price points will help the consumer find the right products based on their needs. Unique, creative experiences in your store can draw the consumer in and encourage them to linger longer. Studies show that the longer consumers spend in a retail store, the more likely they are to purchase additional products and increase their overall store spend.

For over 20 years, StoreTech+co has been designing and building retail spaces ranging from large water sports retailers to upscale hospitality shops specializing in swim and beach apparel.

But StoreTech+co does design and builds differently than many contractors. StoreTech+co takes the time to clearly understand the needs of each client -- starting with the consumer and moving through to the retail space needs. Brainstorming sessions are common and often spark ideas that "bring the outside in" or become the core essence, the focal point, or the key consumer experience for the retailer.

StoreTech+co works in conjunction with specialty designers and provides the benefit of working in tandem with our custom on-site mill shop to provide our retail clients with a single source solution for the highest quality pieces with the most competitive pricing.

In the last several years, StoreTech+co has been selected by outdoor sports, water sports, and surf retailers owners including Island Water Sports, Maui Nix, and Islanders Coastal Outfitters. In addition, upscale water sports apparel shops like the gift shop at Marriott Marco Island, the Loew's Hotel Splash on Miami Beach, and the gift shop at the J.W. Marriott Miami have chosen StoreTech+co to impress customers while bringing a bit of the outside in.

At Island Water Sports, StoreTech+co helped bring to life brands like Roxy, Quicksilver, and Hurley with the creation of eye-catching spaces. StoreTech+co delivered the design, expediting, construction, procurement, and custom display fixtures.

The Maui Nix Beach Place was ready for a significant expansion. After working on the design and build outs for 8 other locations, StoreTech+co assisted Maui Nix in creating a more dynamic and unique shopping experience. Working closely with the visual design departments for Quicksilver, Billabong and O’Neill, StoreTech+co designed vibrant individual spaces yet maintained a cohesive store feeling.

At Islanders Coastal Outfitter, StoreTech+co designed the retail space, built and installed custom displays and a new POS system, and created "The Shark", a store focal point that has attracted thousands of consumers and beachgoers, becoming a social media phenomenon.

Partnering with StoreTech+co means that you will be working with a general contractor, a dedicated on-site superintendent and professional project manager, as well as a team with direct design and build experience.

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StoreTech+co is committed to helping you impress your customers - and bringing the outdoors IN!

Stop by and see us in July at ICAST 2017 in Orlando and at SWIMSHOW in Miami!

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