It's All About The Experience: Immersive Experiences

Whether making purchases in chic, Miami boutiques or traveling the globe, retail shoppers are demanding new, unique, and superior experiences.  Retail shoppers are no longer content with a good product for a great price.  Today, shoppers covet excellent service and an exciting, immersive shopping experience.

Similar to buyers who prefer homes with great curb appeal in desirable neighborhoods, today's retail shoppers are becoming more selective about where they shop.  Why would they choose to visit a store in an antiquated strip mall when they could enjoy one of the new shopping complexes with a multitude of amenities?

Retailers vying for shoppers will need to step up their efforts to create superior in-store experiences and upgrade their locations so they can be part of the desirable retail neighborhoods popping up as multi-use complexes and shopping centers.  

In South Florida, a few new examples of these attractive retail locations include:

       Kimco’s multi-use project in Dania Point will be combining stylish and refined shops with elegant dining and entertainment venues.  This multi-use project is a perfect place for family and friends to meet.  Not only will there be multiple areas for work, dining, shopping, and entertainment, but community members and visitors will get to enjoy the outdoor venues designed for concerts, unique activities, and live events.  With over 500,000 square feet of office space, twin hotel towers, 750 residential units, and lush landscaping surrounding the area, a growing community of consumers is awaiting these new retailers.  

       Nearby in Aventura, Turnberry Associates is ensuring that the Aventura Mall delights and excites visitors.  Not only is this mall one of the largest in the country, but it also goes the distance to surprise customers with new and innovative experiences.  The new mall addition will continue to make art one of its cornerstones, highlighting an expansive glass wall, and a multitude of sculptures and artwork throughout that please the senses.  A new, outdoor piazza will include a giant sculpture specifically designed for the mall to impress and engage visitors, and will function as both a mammoth piece of art as well as a giant slide.  The new construction at Aventura Mall will engage an even larger population of visitors seeking unique shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

       Engaging experiences aren't limited to malls.  Ikea understands the value of unique, customer focused encounters.  Within their two South Florida locations, Ikeais unveiling a virtual reality (VR) experience that allows customers to see themselves in Ikea-designed rooms -- with customized furniture, countertops, and cabinetry.  Using the technology, customers can change the features, colors, and products on the fly.  Ikea believes the VR technology is already proving valuable for theirs sales representatives and expects it to help close more large ticket purchases, driving overall revenues.

Similar to the projects, complexes and retailers mentioned above, StoreTech+co is the creative, forward-thinking  force behind new customer experience creations.  StoreTech+co's owners have the unique mindset to help companies develop innovative immersive experiences, designing and integrating new elements into retail -- without breaking the bank.  To learn more about the retail experience that customers crave, stay tuned for next month's blog post "Getting Personal." 



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