It's All About The Experience - Part II: Getting Personal

Last month, we shared insights about customer demand for unique and immersive shopping experiences.  If you didn't get a chance to read that post, check it out here!  This month’s blog is about “getting personal” with retail space -- designing spaces that engage and draw your clients into your store to make purchases -- and enticing them to return again and again.

With the growth of Amazon and other online retailers, competition for merchandise sales has been fierce.  Physical retailers are feeling the pain as online retailers continue to grow revenues in nearly every product category.

But there is a secret to bringing back market share to retail stores.  The best way to resist losing in-store buyers to internet purchases is to stop focusing on transactions -- and channel your efforts towards the creation of unique, personal interactions.  

First impressions are everything.  In just four seconds, shoppers decide whether to enter a store or not.  Similarly, shoppers make quick decisions about what they observe in retail displays, whether they need help with a purchase, and whether they will buy merchandise. 

Physical retailers have the unique opportunity to stimulate the senses during these first impressions.  Each moment that a consumer observes a display, enters a store, or admires a product is a potential touch point.  These touch points are the perfect occasion to create personal connections, reveal customer needs, and provide clever solutions to meet these needs. 

A few smart examples of customer touch points hail from leading brands in New York City and around the world:

  • Bauble Bar’s New York Pop-Up Shop, customers are engaged by a movement-activated digital display that reveals information about the jewelry the moment the customer picks it up. In addition to jewelry details, the display demonstrates how to wear the jewelry and which celebrities have been seen wearing it. The screen connects with the customer not only by acknowledging their interest in the piece of jewelry, but by casually providing tips about where and how to incorporate the jewelry into their wardrobe, and giving customers confidence in using the jewelry. Not only are customers delighted, but others walking by are drawn in and can't help but give in to their curiosity to learn more about the digital display.


  • Ralph Lauren’s flagship store in New York, interactive mirrors in dressing rooms are designed to provide quick solutions to shopper questions. The technology can tackle inventory availability questions, provide direct access to associates on the floor, and provide recommendations for coordinating wardrobe pieces. The interactive system can also provide different varied lighting so that customers can view themselves in daytime or evening. We can bet that customers are thrilled with this customized connection to Ralph Lauren's collections saving them time and providing services suited to their individual needs.


  • Other brands and retailers are striving to provide sense -stimulating "retailtainment" experiences, blending two or more types of environments to produce an experience that brings in consumers and keeps them lingering longer. Recently, Urban Outfitters brought together a unique combination -- casual merchandise with an onsite pizzeria. This combination elevates the consumer experience and keeps customers in the store longer and making more purchases.


  • I-Pic Theatres have merged the traditional movie theatre experience with restaurant cuisine and luxurious seating, creating a completely new experience. Consumers can order gourmet entrees, snacks, and drinks without leaving their lush, reclining theatre seats. I-Pic Theatres have created a business model based on the secret of customer connection and unique experiences.


  • Specialty stores are finding their way to the hearts of consumers by providing unique offerings and strong connections which cannot be made online. Retail staff are especially knowledgeable about their products and there is a natural personal connection between consumers and specialty store owners and staff who share the same passion for the unique, curated products. Information, experiences, and ideas are exchanged, further forging relationships, encouraging future interactions, and building loyal customers.


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