Retail Pop-Up Shops: Building Brands, Moving Merchandise

With increasing costs for online advertising and a slew of hearty e-retailers vying for consumer dollars, a growing number of retailers are adding to their bricks and mortar business - through pop-up shops.  And these small, often temporary shops,  are capturing consumer attention.  When consumers see a pop-up store, they are lured by the exclusivity and fear --  that they may miss out if they don't act today. 


Customized pop-up shops give retailers the ability to showcase special or seasonal merchandise in unique installations that can be designed for short-term or long-term leases.  They also give retailers the ability to strengthen their marketing message while providing a unique, experiential setting. 


Retailers are finding that pop-up stores, especially those with seasonal merchandise, have wide appeal to multiple generations -- not just to the millennial generation.  Moreover, retailers are finding pop-up stores to be an inexpensive option to test products and services in different demographic areas.  Malls, street festivals and other venues are now providing more flexibility for retailers to rent space.  


But regardless of the type of store or location, retailers still need to draw consumers into the store.  Creative, unique window displays, good signage, and merchandise displays can influence consumer buying behavior.  Experts recommend that retailers consider creating a theme-based concept for the display, not merely setting up merchandise for the particular season.  The next step is to create a focal point -- something that draws the attention of consumers passing by.  The recommendation is to be bold - with concepts, textures, colors, shapes and props.  Create something that piques curiosity and interest.  Consider adding a totally unrelated item as a prop to drive interest and curiosity, potentially drawing them into the store.  But be sure that your bold creation is ethical and in line with what the brand stands for.  


The holiday season is a great time to include many smaller ticket items in displays.  These stocking stuffer items may lure in shoppers, and bigger ticket items nearby can create a great opportunity for upselling.   If you create room for a few chairs or couches, you can allow consumers to take a break from shopping, relax, and observe the displays.  And be sure to plan out the lighting.  Creative displays using LED lighting, preferably from the bottom and sides of the display, can make the whole display pop.  


Retailers are reaping the benefits from carefully planned and executed pop-up shops.  Are you?  


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