Selecting the Right Location for Your Restaurant


There are many factors that must be carefully considered before selecting a restaurant location. The difference between selecting the right location and the wrong location could be the difference between business succeeding or failing. Before choosing a restaurant location, define how you see your business, both now and in the future.

The following are questions to help you select the best restaurant real estate location for your concept:

  • What type of service will your restaurant provide (Fine Dining, Fast Casual, Full Service, etc.)? Understanding your target customer and their dining style and preference plays a huge roll in determining the target geographic market based upon area demographics for your restaurant location.
  • Will the restaurant require a free standing building or be located in a retail center (inline or end cap)? Once you have determined the core services your restaurant provides, it is vital to recognize the proper product distribution model that best servers your customer base in a timely cost-effective format.
  • What size restaurant space is needed (dining space, kitchen, storage)? Finally, understanding the demand for your product (seasonal and non-seasonal); as well as the growth potential of your business is vital. Operating a restaurant that cannot efficiently service the demand volume can be just as detrimental to the success of your restaurant as having too much excess overhead that affects the bottom line.

Once the answers to these basic questions have been defined, then the process of finding the perfect location for generating the maximum amount of profit for your restaurant can begin.

Experience Matters – StoreTech+co Restaurant Case Study

Choosing the right construction company for your restaurant build out is also an essential factor to the short-term and long-term success of your business. Without the right skills, expertise and approach, the restaurant build out project could be disastrous; driving up costs and having a negative impact on the bottom line.

The team at StoreTech+co provided a total all-inclusive solution for Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine, a family owned restaurant with four locations in Florida. For Padrino's newest restaurant in Orlando, StoreTech+co put their expertise to use and found the right location, negotiated the lease, designed and built the entire restaurant and kitchen design. The design and millwork teams worked together to design, build, and supply all of the furniture and fixtures. StoreTech+co also sourced all of the artwork and orchestrated the grand opening event.

Their fourth location has been thriving in Orlando for many years and still going strong.  Click here to view an image gallery on Padrino's.

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