What You Need to Know BEFORE Signing the Lease for a New Business: Retail Space Build-outs

Are you planning to open a new retail business, store or restaurant?  Finding the perfect location can be reason to celebrate, but don't let the excitement slow you down.  Once you've signed the contract for the location, it's crucial to start the design process for the build-out of your space.  Otherwise, you might find that your rent and other monthly expenses have piled up before you've even opened the doors for business.


Here is what you need to know:


Ø       Set your expectations straight nowA strong design, permitting, and retail construction build-out process will take a minimum of 4-6 months, but more realistically will take 6-7 months or more.  Following a well-established build-out process will allow you to evaluate different types of design options early on, make important decisions, and start the steps with the builder to ensure your project will be completed to specifications and delivered on time and within budget.



Ø       Contract an experienced design + construction company.  Over the past 30+ years, StoreTech+co  has used the proven “SMART" process to successfully complete hundreds of build-outs for retail stores, restaurants, hospitality venues, and other businesses.  The SMART process encompasses 3 phases:  Phase 1:  Design & Architectural Process, Phase 2:  Permitting & Bidding, and Phase 3:  Building & Fixtures.  The timeframes for each phase varies based on the build-out size, complexity, city approval process, but professional build-outs typically take 6- 7 months or longer, although they may be completed in a minimum of 4-6 months.


Ø       Learn how the design build-out process works!  Read on!


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Phase 1:  Design & Architectural Process

The retail design and architectural process is the critical foundation for the build-out.  In this phase, the builder meets with the owners, managers, visual merchandisers and buyers to clearly identify the client objectives as well as constraints.  StoreTech+co  facilitates these conversations to uncover potential challenges and hurdles.  In addition, these discussions help the client understand and envision multiple design options that can impact the ability to draw more clients to the establishment, increase conversion rates, and enhance the perceived value of merchandise.  


The result of these meetings will be a final scope of work -- a document with clear direction for the function and design of the space taking into consideration security and accessibility of the location as well as a budget.  This phase typically takes 4-8 weeks.


Phase 2:  Permitting & Bidding

In Phase 2, StoreTech+co ’s professional designers begin creating the design drawings for the build-out.  These drawings typically include the floor plan, wall elevation, reflective ceilings, interior design, and any finishing plans.  During this design process, StoreTech+co  is in constant communication with clients, emailing drawings to owners so they can visualize their new space and approve all final drawings. 


Simultaneously, StoreTech+co  will develop project estimates and advance the procurement process so that as soon as approvals are received, construction can commence.  The permitting & bidding phase typically takes 4-6 weeks, depending on the municipality.  As drawings are completed and plans are submitted for municipal approvals, bidding also begins.


Phase 3:  Building & Fixtures

In Phase 3, StoreTech+co 's seasoned professionals begin creating the custom pieces in our 20,000 square foot mill shop.  Our designers source and secure items that our clients have chosen, including lighting, flooring, fabrics, and other furnishings.   


Next, StoreTech+co 's on-site team takes control of the commercial construction process and begins the build-out. Depending on the complexity, size, and the city’s review process, this step may take between 6-14 weeks.   


By working with StoreTech+co  on both the design and build-out, you will not only have the most skilled professionals working on your project, but StoreTech+co  will reduce the total build-out time for your space by streamlining the process.  



Ø       Start the process early!

The most important recommendation we can give a new owner is to start working on the design and build-out as early as possible.  Select an experienced, professional, design and build team with a proven process and a successful track record.


StoreTech+co is committed to designing, building and bringing your new restaurant, store, or retail business dreams to reality.  Partnering with StoreTech+co means that you will be working with a dedicated superintendent, experienced project managers and general contractors, and a team of skilled agents, managers, and innovative designers. Our 20,000 square foot mill shop allows us to build all types of custom pieces quickly and affordably. 

We welcome your questions and look forward to the opportunity to become your partner in your build-out project.  Call us at 561-272-4655


Quality Service.  On Time and On Budget.  Your project and best interests are our only focus.  


StoreTech+co is a full service Construction and Design company consistently striving for and achieving excellence.


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